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Dog sledding, or Mushing, has been something my husband has always wanted to do. In 2007, he was fortunate enough to find an already-trained sled team and since then, he spends most of his spare time in the back Forty, making trails with the snowmobile and taking the dogs out for a joy ride. Jeff loves it. The Dogs love it. Our kids love it.  (Our daughter even has her own team!) As for me, I enjoy the quietness of an occasional ride,  but I like to be inside where its warm. However, I am thankful that we've been blessed with the opportunity to turn Jeff's dream into a reality.  His ultimate goal that he talks about often, is to be able to give sled rides and tours, or offer the sledding opportunity to individuals, couples, and/or families to take the team out themselves for a 1/2 day or full day trip and experience the Great Outdoors of Northern Wisconsin.

All of this takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and hard work on Jeff's part, but when the dogs are released and you're out on the trails in the stillness of God's Country, it makes it all worth it!

 Sledding pictures to come soon!!