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Condition of Sale Agreement

J.A.K Kennel                                                                                          

  27474 County Hwy F                          Phone: (715) 237-2035 or                                  Website: www.jakkennel.com  
  New Auburn, WI 54757                                     (715) 579-5546                                       

Condition of Sale Agreement

This verbal and written agreement between J.A.K Kennel and _________________________________ made on this _____ day 

of ____________________   20_____. The mutual agreement is as follows:

1. The seller will sell this dog on the following terms and qualifications:

     A. Description________________________________________  B. Sex_________________  C. Price_______________________

     D. Date of Sale (date I receive deposit)______________________  E. Date of Delivery/Shipping/Pick-up_______________________ 

     F. For these terms:_________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Initial the appropriate line:
     A._______  I am purchasing the above described dog on a “pet only” basis, receiving limited registration papers,  AFTER receiving spay/neuter confirmation.  I agree to have the dog 
spay/neutered and I will send a signed and dated statement to J.A.K Kennel from a qualified, licensed vet stating that the puppy/dog has been spay/neutered before the said dogs First (1st) Birthday or registration papers (if applicable) will be forfeited. Please contact us before the 1 year is up if you are unable to do this and you want your papers.
     B._______ I am purchasing the above described dog on a full registration basis.  I have all
rights to show and/or breed this dog. I understand that choosing this option, the price of the dog will be higher. (price for full registration is an additional $1000). 

3. The seller will have the said dog's first (1st) set of shots and will have a copy of the shot record for the buyers own records, and the dog will be examined by a qualified, licensed vet before the dog leaves J.A.K Kennel.

4. J.A.K Kennel will allow the buyer to have the dog examined by a licensed vet of the buyers choice within 7 days of the date of delivery/pick-up.  If it is found to have infectious or contagious disease (excluding worms and parasites) or permanent defect, the buyer must have a vet’s signed certificate indicating the dogs condition. The buyer may than return the dog and another will be substituted, excluding shipping. No monetary reimbursment will be given.  J.A.K Kennel reserves the right to request a 2nd opinion of the said diagnosis by another vet of the sellers’ choosing. If no infectious disease or defect is found within 4 days from the date the dog was returned, the buyer shall assume all responsibility for the dog. All vet bills will be paid by the buyer after the date puppy/dog is received.

5. A deposit of $300 (unless otherwise noted) is required to hold a dog for you and is non-refundable. Balance may be paid upon pick up or delivery if paying by cash. No checks will be accepted unless they have 2 weeks to clear.

6. The buyer will pay all shipping charges and expenses associated with purchasing the dog. Balance must be paid no later than 1 week prior to shipping.

7. The buyer agrees to have the dog spay/neutered before the said dogs First (1st) Birthday, unless other arrangements are made. Otherwise, the registration papers (if applicable) will be forfeited.

8. Payment plans may be accepted upon approval. If payment arrangements have been made, the buyer promises to make payments on the dates listed or as agreed upon above. If payments are not made as agreed, buyer forfeits deposit and dog will be listed for resell.

9. Registration papers, if applicable, will be held by J.A.K Kennel until signed confirmation statement by licensed vet has been received stating that the dog has been spay/neutered. Upon receipt of confirmation statement, registration papers will be sent to the buyer; provided that the said dog has be spayed/neutered on or before their First (1st) Birthday. 

10. We require Puppy Obedience Classes on all Shiba Inu  puppies and require Certificate of Completion before any registration papers will be given. If you have any questions about this, please email or call us before sending a deposit, as deposits are non-refundable.

Payments Accepted: Money Order from your bank, Western Union/Money Gram (per your expense), Paypal (add 3.5% processing fee), Cash, Check. If you are paying by check, it MUST have at least 2 weeks to clear before pick up or shipping. If check is returned, you will be charged a $30 service fee.  If you require shipping for your puppy, balance must be paid no later than 1 week prior to shipping.

Shipping: Shipping is an additional $350.  It includes the following: required Health Certificate for the airline, pet porter for comfortable travel, and the airline/flight fees. We use a variety of airlines, including Delta, American or Continental Airlines, depending on the time of year. Prices quoted are for these airlines.  However, we can use a different airline per your request, but must be approved by J.A.K Kennel and may cost more depending on the airline. Continental is required if shipping during the summer months if temperature reaches 80 degrees, and is dropped to 20 degrees during winter months, in either destination.

All puppies/dogs being shipped by air will leave here with the following:
1 year health guarantee for hereditary disorders, which is also known as the “condition of sale agreement”, Health Certificate and an overall health check from a licensed vet, health record to let you know what the dog has had for vaccinations and when the next vaccinations are due, travel crate, & a bag of food attached to top of crate. 

All puppies/dogs who will be picked up or delivered will leave here with the following:
1 year health guarantee for hereditary disorders, which is also known as the “condition of sale agreement”, Vet check from licensed vet, health record to let you know what the dog has had for vaccinations and when the next set of vaccinations are due, & a bag of food to get you started. 

By signing below, you agree to the terms and conditions stated within this contract.

__________________________________________________                           _______________________________________________________
Signature of Seller                                                     Date                                                   Printed Signature of Seller

__________________________________________________                           _______________________________________________________
Signature of Buyer                                                    Date                                                   Printed Signature of Buyer

__________________________________________________                           _______________________________________________________
Buyer’s Address                                                                                                                   Buyer’s Telephone